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Kiger horses roam the plateaus of the Kiger Wildhorse Herd Management Area near Steens Mountain in Southeastern Oregon.
Morning Shadows from the Sheephead Mountains, Burns District, Oregon.
Aerial of Steens Mountain and one of the gorges.
Large rangeland area in the Cedar Mountain Wilderness Study Area.   WSA OR 3-47.
Communications equipment on Soda Mountain Summit.
Fish Lake, Steen's Mountain.
Wild Horse Lake and Canyon at Steens Mountain.
A typical back country road in the South Steens Mountain area.
Sandy bluffs and trail in the Pryor Mountain National Wild Horse Range
Garnet Mountains with the Blackfoot River Valley in foreground
Rocks with Lichens on Steens Mountain, Oregon.
Looking west at Muddy Creek in the Rocky Mountain Front
A mountain meadow in the Judith Mountains
Scenic view of the Judith Mountain area
Mount Shasta and Irongate Reservoir from Boccard Point, Soda Mountain.
Nye Cabin, Steen's Mountain.
Oregon Governor John kitzhaver at Big Indian Gorge on Steens Mountain.
Taken from plateau looking at Sheephead Mountain.  (WSA 2-72C)
View of Little Blitzen Gorge on Steens Mountain from "Rooster Comb" area.  View to the West.
120 acre sage fire caused by hunters in the Pueblo Mountain WSA.  (WSA 2-81)
Judith Mountains sloping towards North Moccasin
Lupine on the center ridge of the Trout Creek Mountains.
Hawksie-Walksie" on the east side of Hawk Mountain.  OR 1-146.
Purple Sage found near Steens Mountain.
Wildflowers near Steens Mountain.
Wildflowers near Steens Mountain.
Steens Mountain Series
Wildflower habitat on $8 Mountain.
 Snow-covered mountains and a retreating glacier to the east of Stephens Passage
West meadow in the Owyhee Mountain  Castilleja Sp., Indian paintbrush  Wildflower
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