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West meadow in the Owyhee Mountain  Castilleja Sp., Indian paintbrush  Wildflower
Looking west at Muddy Creek in the Rocky Mountain Front
View in the Judith Mountains
IN the Judith Mountains
An illegal campfire site and litter in the Judith Mountains
Scenic view of forested mountains with a valley in the distance
Judith Mountains area
Jenny Creek LSR, the north slope of the Chinquapin Mountain.
Aspens at Fish Creek, Steen's Mountain.
Aspens at Fish Creek, Steen's Mountain.
Secretary of the Interior, Bruce Babbitt, and Governor Kitzhaber discuss designation of Steens Mountain looking out at Big Indian Gorge.
Pike Creek trail on the east side of Steens Mountain.
An Interpretive panel at Big Indian Gorge overlook of Steens Mountain.
Columnar basalt near Wahatis Peak in Saddle Mountains, Washington
Kiger horses roam the plateaus of the Kiger Wildhorse Herd Management Area near Steens Mountain in Southeastern Oregon.
Lichen on a rock outcrop at Steens Mountain, Oregon.
Fall Colors"...Aspen along Fish Creek at Steens Mountain, Oregon.
View of the Back Country Byway in Big Indian Gorge from Steens Mountain in Southeastern Oregon.
Steens Mountain Whorehouse Meadow.
Snowmobiling on a mountain site.
A closed dozer trail in the Judith Mountains
Looking down on Lewistown MT near the Judith Mountains
Riparian area in the Judith Mountains
Temple Mountain, San Rafael Swell.
Looking up from the Grand Ronde River to the rock formations along the mountain.
View of mountains across valley
Secretary Babbitt/Governor Kitzhaber delegation addressing designation of Steens Mountain at Big Indian overlook.
Secretary of the Interior, Bruce Babbitt, at Big Indian Gorge on Steens Mountain.
Roadbed in the Centennial Mountains
Craggy peak in Centennial Mountains (vertical)
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