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From the Visitor Center Lawn
Bison on the National Elk Refuge
View from the Refuge Road
Successful Nesting
A Light-Hearted Moment
Curved Shadow
Moving Closer
Not a Good Place to Be
Uh Oh ...
What Do We Do Now?
This is Getting Serious ...
Feeling Unwelcome
I Don't Like This Game Anymore
Taking a Look Back
Time to Head Back to the Pack
A Watchful Eagle Keeps Post on a Winter Day
Two Bulls Clash Antlers
Cupcakes Are Easier to Serve
Bull Elk Close-Up
Taking a Break
Symmetry in Nature
My, What Big Feet You Have
Colors of the Spirit
A Classic View
Non-Typical Antler
View from the Nest
A Black Wolf Pup
Bighorn Sheep Horns
A Glimpse of an Earlier Profession
Collecting a Sample
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