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Worse Than a Loose Tooth
Strutting His Stuff
Unruly Females
Wildlife Viewing at Its Finest
Swans on Flat Creek
Butting Heads
Starting the Morning
Capturing a Memory
Fire Retardant Mixing Plant and Helicopter Operation
Sleigh Ride Shadows
Dinner on Flat Creek
Wildlife Viewing At Its Finest
An Antler Anomaly
A Unique Raptor
Snorkels Aren't Just For Scuba Diving
Time to Move On
Bad Hair Day
Antler Viewing
A Matched Pair to Sell
Boys Will Be Boys
Reward for a Job Well Done
Keeping an Eye Out from Above
Spring Harrowing
Get Your Goose On! - National Elk Refuge Style
Horse-drawn Ride
A Formidable Pose
A Toddler's Attention
Hunters Head into the Field
Palmate branching
A Synchronized Wildlife Viewing Pose
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