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Electric fan
Runway repair reduces FOD at Balad
Decorative lamps
Christmas bauble on gold
Christmas baubles
Christmas baubles
Christmas bauble
Binder clips
NIST Math Technique Opens Clearer Window on Universe
Nanopore-based single molecule mass spectrometry
Pot pourri
This highly-magnified scanning electron micrograph
Leaves decoration background
Red christmas decoration
Industrial thermometer
Many light bulbs
404 013 002
Electromagnetic Phantom; Metal Detectors
Christmas bauble
010 001 001
Christmas bauble
 A California Gull seen through the big eye lens.  The angle to the horizon is visible on the bottom of the picture.  Using that angle and trigonometry, the distance to the object in the view finder can be calculated.
Checkered background 2
Christmas baubles
Red christmas ball
This scanning electron micrograph (SEM) revealed s
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