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Loup tribal
Disco Dancer 1
Disco Dancer 4
Disco Dancer 5
Full Moon
Original Business Stamp 2
Le Nébuleux étalant ses parures, plate no. 16, from 'Histoire naturelle des Oiseaux de paradis et des Rolliers', published by Jacques Barraband and François Levaillant (original illustration in watercolor)
Disco Dancer 2
Disco Dancer 3
Champagne Glass Remix 1
Joker Smile
Two Girls Kissing
Nederlands:  Tweede herziene versie van (Travelling)First Class - The Meeting De eerste versie werd als controversieel beschouwd omdat de jongeman met de jongedame praatte terwijl de oudere man was ingedommeld. Schilder (Abraham Solomon)overleed in 1862 R
Happy Snowman 1
Bird Emblem 3
Blueback herring
Flying Serpent 2
Cloud 1
Black bullhead
Happy Snowman 2
Original Business Stamp 1
St Patricks Girl Remix
Battle of Antietam, specifically, the charge of Iron Brigade near the Dunker Church, on the morning of September 17, 1862. Chromolithograph by Louis Prang and Company of an original painting by Thure de Thulstrup.
Sun and Moon Outline
The Eye Remix
Gentle giants of the sea
Santa 1
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