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Burrowing Owl
Burrowing owl
Owl Claw Adpatations
Black-tailed Prairie Dog Town
Threat display - Spotted Owls
Barn Owl, Carrizo Plain 3
Mascots at Farmers Market Opening
Great Horned Owl
Boneyard of a Barn Owl, Carrizo Plain
I've Got My Eye On You!
Short-eared Owl
Barn Owl, Carrizo Plain 1
Burrowing Owl and Chick
Great Horned Owl
short-eared owl
Getting Your Goose On is a Hoot!
Northern Spotted Owl
Spotted Owl Banding
Snowy Owl
Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, MT
Great Horned Owl
Spotted Owl
burrowing owls in summer
Pair of juvenile Spotted Owls
snowy owl
A spotted owl perched on a branch.
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