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The short eared owl in Hawaii.
Owl portrait
Catch and release
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Twin Owls Rock , RMNP.
Owl invitation card pink
Burrowing owl in eastern New Mexico.
Uploaded by request of Jim Sapp

Taken in Colora
Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) near the Sun River Area on the Deshcutes National Forest in eastern Oregon.
Tawny owl
Barn owl portrait close-up
Barn owl
Photo of the Week - Great Horned Owl at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, PA
Great Horned Owl near Frenchglen, Oregon, in Harney County.
Snowy owl eyes
Pair of Northern Spotted Owls
Short eared Owl Lacreek NWR
Creatures of the Night 2011
Short-eared Owl at Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge
A Great Gray owl sitting in a dead tree stump.
Great Horned Owl
Barn owl on the black background
Snowy owl
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snowy owl
Great Horned Owls sitting in a tree.
spotted owl chicks
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