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Group shot of the 2010 CIP crew.
A teachable moment in the field.
Service employee and students planting trees
CIP Student and Service employee
Chris Dupree- 2010 Annual CIP Kayaking trip
This 1981 photograph depicted two arboviral field
Val and Nate on the float
Learning how to measure salinity in a salt marsh
CIP Students in the field
Stemper pulling float
Get Your Goose On!
Tajaun Levy - 2010 Annual CIP Kayaking trip
Full lineup
Get Your Goose On!
Debating conservation ethics
 Paddles for cedar boat built in 2009 in Klukwan as part of a major revival of Klingit arts and technology. Boat built from one big log that is repeatedly carved out and burned out.
Giant paddle and float
Boat Safety and Don't Rock the Boat
Dog paddling to safety
Refuge Round-up 2010
Paddling Practice
Get Your Goose On! - Siletz Bay Style
Bagram team parks 2,000th transient aircraft
This photograph depicts a two oviposition strips,
Earth Day Kayak Tour
Over here
Keep on paddling!
Get Your Goose On! - Siletz Bay Style
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