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Wiccan White Pentagram
Five Elements and Pentagram
Symbol with pentagram
Winged Globe
Wiccan White Pentagram Reversed
Circle with Central Point
Pythagorean Tetrad
Hads of god
Pysanka Egg (3) / Писанка
Swastika Encircled Rotating Left
Radimichian Symbol
Mundane Cross Encircled
Pysanka Egg (1) / Писанка
Pagan Knife
Perun's cross aka Sebulrose
Pysanka Egg (2) / Писанка
Branding Iron -- Cross
Circle with Horizontal diameter
Lunar Path
Academy chapel to add outdoor circle to worship areas
Ankh cross 3/4 Below Circle
Academy chapel to add outdoor circle to worship areas
Combat metals
Pagan Buddha, 12th century. Musee Guimet, Paris. Personal photograph, 2004.
Tau Cross Encircled
Wheel of the Year (1)
Getting connected
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