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Tropical paradise
Sunset water scene
Tropic sunset
Palm tree and sea
Beach with palm trees
Strawn Island at Palmyra Atoll NWR
Palm trees and beach
While being held on his mother's lap, this infant
Tropical palm tree
Palm tree and sea at sunset
Treasure map
Car junk yard in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Potent
This young man was performing push-ups on an indoo
Sea, beach and hotel
Hands with hearts
 San Francisco skyline as seen from Treasure Island.  The palm tree is one of the  few palm trees in the San Francisco area.  The Oakland Bay Bridge is to the left.
Palm tree
Tropical beach
Palm tree on coast
The young man pictured here was seated outdoors as
Green apple in hand
Tropical sea view
Date palm
Holiday travel
Baby Bog Turtle
Palm tree at sunset
treo 650 smartphone
Our planet on a palm
Tijuana Slough NWR & National Estuarine Research Reserve Visitor Center
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