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 A muskrat hut in a middle Patuxent river marsh.  Observed at a very low tide. Early in the year so marsh grasses aren't too tall yet.
 Patuxent River duck blind.
Controlled Burn Maintains Field
 Patuxent River duck blind.
TNC Firefighter at Patuxent Research Refuge
Breathing Fire Back into the Land
Burn boss
Grassland Field after Controlled Burn
 National Oceanographic Data Center employees at sea -  kayaking along the Patuxent River.
Successful Controlled Burn
Green Two Weeks after Burn
Sandy Spencer and screech owl
Controlled burn in grassland
Firefighter with drip torch and hand tool
Patuxent Research Refuge 75th Anniversary
 National Weather Service employee Sarah Roy up a creek, but with a paddle. Kayaking in a Patuxent River marsh.
 Young seahorse found in the Patuxent River.
 Late afternoon sun-glint on the lower Patuxent River silhouetting a group of kayakers.
Patuxent Research Refuge 75th Anniversary
 Crayfish found in a salt water pond near the Patuxent River.
 Crayfish found in a salt water pond near the Patuxent River.
 Winter and ice along the Patuxent River.
 Ospreys nesting along a Patuxent River duck blind.
 Kayak sunset along the Patuxent River.
 Wintertime sailing on the Patuxent River.
 A night-time kayaker on the Patuxent River.
 Winter along the Patuxent River.
 A thunderhead building over the Patuxent River at sunset.
 A redwing blackbird perching atop reeds in a Patuxent river marsh.  Arrow arum plants are in the foreground.
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