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Most Popular Penguins Public Domain Files:

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Dancing Penguins
Flying Penguins
Penguin in Heaven
Freezin' Penguin
Tux Love
Penguin Admin
Tux Love 2
 Macaroni penguins.
Blending In
An African penguin
Warning falling penguins
 Emperor penguins in the Southwest Ross Sea.
 Adelie penguins walking on sea ice in the Ross Sea.
February calendar page: It's so cold!
 Uploaded by request of Jeanne Litwin

Taken in
An African penguin
Adelie Penguins Explode From the Water
 Gentoo penguins
Photo of the Week: Penguins, Plankton, and Argonne's Advanced Photon Source
 Emperor penguins.
Warning falling penguins
 Emperor Penguins.
 Molting chinstrap penguins, Seal Island.
 Adelie penguins on a small iceberg off the Antarctic Peninsula.
Jackass penguins
 Southern fur seal with penguins in the background.
 A base camp for observing penguins and marine mammals as well as other scientific observations.
 King penguins.
 Gentoo penguins.
 Seal Island chinstrap penguins.
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