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This 2000 image of the Taj Mahal monument in Agra,
A man using a laptop
Nurse giving an injection
A woman taking her temperature
Nurse and immunization patient
A gymnast on a balance beam
Santa and a young girl
This image depicts a person with diabetes in the f
Scientist fills test tubes
Woman sitting with laptop
Looking from behind a board
This image, as well as PHIL# 9014, and 9016, all d
Nurse administering a vaccination
Bump, sunset, spike
This African-American mother was shown in the proc
Young woman with laptop
Office woman with glasses
This 2006 photograph depicted a lateral view of an
Smiling woman behind board
Woman above white board
Woman reading thermometer
bamiyan 042908-oc 043
This image depicts a group of healthcare workers s
Woman in yoga pose
Stretching and exercising
Seated at a small folding table, atop which was a
A group of people meeting
This image depicts a father and his two children w
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