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Pacific Golden Plover, most common migratory bird
Western Snowy Plover Adult Feeding
Western snowy plovers and egg
One day-old Snowy Plover chick #N431 on the Coos Bay North Spit, 94 HRA, Coos Bay, Oregon.  (Rights to use this igital image for any purpose have been purchased from Kathy Castelein)
piping plover with chick
Photo of the Week - Bog Turtle (NJ)
Wester Snowy Plover chicks with eggshells on sand
Golden Plover 3
Pescadero Watershed 2
Get Your Goose On!
Piping Plover Nest
Western snowy plover (Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus)
Piping plovers
Piping Plover
Piping Plover
Piping plover
Snuggled eggs
Western snowy plover
American Golden Plover and Nest
YCC participant holds young birds
Banding chicks
Bird Banding
Piping Plover (RI)
Piping Plover (RI)
Gull-billed tern (GBT), adult
Piping Plover Chick
Piping Plover
Western Snowy Plover with triple stripe bands
Piping plover in front of conch shell
Nest markers
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