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Two White-tailed Ptarmigan
American avocets in non-breeding plumage check out newly-dredged channels
Ruddy Turnstone, Lower Rio Grande Valley NWR
 Rhodostethia rosea, male, adult in winter plumage.  In:  'Report of  the International Polar Expedition to Point Barrow ....'   Expedition leader Lieutenant P. H. Ray.  Published in 1885.  Library Call Number Q115.I6 U6 1885.
Tri-colored heron
Red-breasted merganser (Adult male in breeding plumage)
Ruddy turnstone
Red Knot Winter Plumage
Pair of Cinnamon Teal
Great egrets in mating plumage
Common goldeneye preening (Bucephala clangula)
Ruddy turnstone
Rock Sandpiper
Rock Sandpiper
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