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Umbrella / Parasol pink tranparent
Towel blue with white bubbles and red fish with white strips
Capitol Reflecting Pool
sweaty filthy pig
Thong light yellow and blue with "I Love Foot" symbol
Metal Sphere
This is one of a series of three photographs (PHIL
Towel giraffe style
Vernal pool wetlands
8 ball
Thong green with grass and flowers
Thong light blue with "I love you"
pool table cue balls
An alligator basking in the sun
Algae bloom in Reflecting Pool, Washington, DC. 2007 Potomac River, Chesapeake Bay watershed. USEPA photo by Eric Vance
Thong light blue with footprint
 A magnificent waterfall dropping over shale cliffs into a circular pool below
The spirit of the season: giving
Man swimming in pool
 Pool surrounding the Forbidden City.
Young woman in pool
15 balls
Blue water drops
Pamukkale terraces
pool, biliardas, billiards, ball
Water pools in a quiet stream in Duchesne County,
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