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phylo defense icons draft
Using Trail Cameras - Say Cheese
 Diamondback terrapin eggs that were victims of predation: the three hatched eggs are of uncertain type.
Western Snowy Plover Adult Feeding
 Diamondback terrapin eggs; the shreaded casings are an indication of predation.
Bullsnake Eating Mallard Egg
sea stars
Great  Black-Backed Gull Eating a Tern Chick
Tagged cutthroat ready for release.
Stink Bug Nymph
Atlantic Salmon Adults
Wyoming Toads
Robberfly With Bumblebee
Look out!
 Two types of Chromis sp. on acropora coral head. Fish feed on zooplankton from water column. These fish use the coral for protection from predation
Emperor Goose Pair
 Dave Meyer conducts a throw trap sample of high marsh tide pools on the remnant islands of the Poplar Island archipelago. The collection will help to determine the types and number of small fish and invertebrates that use the tide pools. The collection w
Non native large mouth bass
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