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Target for air rifle at 10 meter shooting range. Based on ISSF technical rules. The target: total Ø = 45.5 mm. 4 ring Ø = 30.5 mm. 9 ring Ø = 5.5 mm. 10 ring Ø = 0.5 mm, height 1.4 m above the floor.
Snow on trees, mountains; Sierra Nevada Mountain R
This 2000 image depicted an elderly woman seated a
Green background
Snow cleared from roadway, on mountains; Sierra Ne
Eagles of a feather
This 2000 image showed a young boy utilizing a fro
Aggressors provide challenging, realistic threat replication
Bison herd grazing at the National Bison Range
This 1977 photograph depicted a Petri dish with St
This 1994 image depicted the interior of a kitchen
Bison on a prairie
Super Car Tour
Bighorn sheep
Mountain Range
Early modern skull so-called Qafzeh 11 (a child 11 years old), in the Carmel Range (Israel). ESR dates for Qafzeh (90,000 BP) Español:  Cráneo de Moderno Primitivo de Qafzeh nº 11 (un niño de 11 años), monte Carmelo (Israel). Data de unos 90 000 adC
Super Car Tour
This is a venomous 'Eastern diamondback' rattlesna
This image depicted a 'western Massasauga' rattles
Fitness instructor loses nearly half of herself
Uploaded by request of Bruce Kamplain.
Taken i
#27 - CITES Protects Native Species
506 004 001
At her desk, and seated in her wheelchair, this mo
This 2000 image depicted a woman seated in her whe
This 2000 image depicted an elderly woman filling
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