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Bookworm penguin
demon reading book
Signing of the Constitution
Leafy Vines - Frame
Here, CDC employee, Terry Giles (left), was shown
Supreme Court Following Facade Restoration
Mayan Alter Circle
Declaration of Independence
Columbus Doors
Book, sketched
#20 - U.S. Supports Shark & Ray Proposals
Capitol Reflecting Pool
Declaration of Independence Plaque
This photograph shows a patient having his blood p
'Yearning for a Pleasurable Place' in 'Mountains of the Heart' by Kameda Bôsai, 1816. The signature reads 'Kitsumon Koji' (an art name), but the seal reads 'Bôsai'
�� lisant / Student reading
The woman pictured here, was checking her blood gl
Here, CDC employee, Robyn Morgan (left), was shown
Dictionary / Dictionnaire
This is a high-tech, orally-administered electroni
The First Federal Congress, 1789
The Mayflower Compact, 1620
House Chamber
Springtime on the Capitol Grounds
U.S. Capitol Building
The woman pictured here, was about to check her bl
Bio Threats: FDA's A-Team (6355)
Construction of the U.S. Capitol Dome
Civil Rights Bill Passes, 1866
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