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Louisiana Purchase, 1803
Early House of Representatives Chamber (artist representation)
Apotheosis of Washington: Marine
Blood Research: Saving Lives (8298)
On the Road with Mike Taylor
Colonization of New England
Amateis bronze doors
Capitol Christmas Tree 2013
Cherry Blossoms in Bloom in Senate Park
Declaration of Independence
Statesmen No.48: Caricature of Sir John Coleridge.
 Caption reads: 'A risen barrister.'
Hunting for hidden damage
The man pictured here, was about to check his bloo
Stem Cell Research (0393)
Stem Cell Research (0456)
The U.S. Capitol Dome
The U.S. Capitol - Circa 1830
Senate Bronze Doors
Discovery of Gold in California
On the Road with Mike Taylor
Titan arum in bloom at the U.S. Botanic Garden
Car of History Clock
Boston Massacre, 1770
Snow at the U.S. Capitol Building
The U.S. Capitol Rotunda
Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building
Reading boy
Egyptian Tablet
This historic image depicted a typical scene one w
This historic photograph showed a group of childre
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