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Shark, Kronos Reef
Coral at Jarvis Island National Wildlife Refuge
Chromis reef fish and staghorn coral at Palmyra Atoll NWR
Coral reef survey off coast of Puerto Rico
 Fivestripe (Thalassoma quinquevittatum) wrasse in foreground with breaking wave over shallow reef
Moorish Idols and teardrop butterfly fish are only a couple of immense varieties of reef fish -297 species identified thus far- that call Kingman Reef National Wildlife Refuge home.  Photo Credit: Amanda Pollock/USFWS.
Vieques National Wildlife Refuge
 Chaetodon miliaris - butterfly fish over healthy Porites lobata coral reef.
Coral Reef
 Truk native diving on artificial reef
Sea anemone at Kingman Reef NWR
Hawks Bill Turtle - Kealia Pond NWR
Oyster bagging
 EXXON VALDEZ aground on Bligh Reef being lightered to reduce oil spillage and lighten ship to get off reef.
A pencil urchin is found among the coral at Kingman Reef National Wildlife Refuge.  Photo Credit: Amanda Pollock/USFWS
 Whitetip reef shark (Triaenodon obesus)
 Gray reef shark (Carcharinus amblyrhynchos).
 Pterois sphex - Lionfish - Dorsal spines are extremely poisonous. Living in pipe in artificial reef
 Shells containing oyster spat raised by the Oyster Recovery Partnership are bagged and placed on pallets to grow before being transplanted to a designated oyster reef elsewhere in the Chesapeake Bay.
Both Palmyra Atoll and Kingman Reef National Wildlife Refuge are home to rare giant clams.   Photo credit:  Amanda Pollock / USFWS
Hawksbill Sea Turtle
 Native Hawaiian sitting on outrigger canoe with Diamondhead in the background. 'Coral Reefs of the Hawaiian Islands' by Alexander Agassiz.  April 1889. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, at Harvard College.  Vol. XVII. No. 3.  Library Call
Studying Coral Health in St. Thomas, USVI
PP 2010 Volunteers Join Indonesians To Replace Mangrove Trees
 A hazard of a diving marine biologist.  Hammers on the head tend to discourage attack.  Carcharinis Limbatus - grey shark on a murky day at the reef.
 Uncovered reef flat with intervening channels at low tide on the Guam coastline.
 Scientific diver taking notes on reef transect
 One Tree Reef. Sea anemone.
 Aerial view of patterns in a coral reef.
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