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Bog turtle
Inspector checks dried frog shipment
Releasing Turtles
Year of the Turtle
Watching them slither!
Checking the pitfall traps.
Great Basin Collared Lizard
Bog turtle
Photo of the Week - Watersnake (VA)
Smiling for the camera!
Inspecting a shipment at the U.S. Postal Service facility in ELizabeth, N.J.
Inspector examines imported watch
Western toad
2011 Huron Prairie Fest
Reptiles revealed!
Exploring snakes & lizards
2011 Huron Prairie Fest
Baby Turtles
Photographed here under a low magnification of 26x
Boy and Bear Head
Baby Turtle
Bog turtle
Wood Turtle
Sea snake
Bog turtle habitat
Decorated Primate Skull
Snow Leopard Skin and Photo
Iguana by lake
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