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Common Musk Turtle in Shell
Inspector seals a live fish export at the New England Aquarium
Mounted Puffin
Wildlife Inspector explaining rhino horn
Common Musk Turtles
Junior Special Agent Badge
Kids Petting Cat Hide
390 004 001
Blanding's turtle at New Boston Air Force Base
USFWS at Kid's Day
Snapping turtle
Garter Snake
Photo of the week - Box turtle (WV)
Box turtle
Recovered Lake Erie watersnake (Nerodia sipedon insularum)
Blanding's turtle release May 2011
Garter snake
Bog turtle
Cub scout with Eastern box turtle
Girl at Exhibit
Snapping Turtle
Luckily it's stuffed
Reptile Products
Kids Getting Ready to Release Turtles
Bog turtle
Turtles Ready to be Released
Eastern painted turtle
Year of the Turtle
Turtles Ready to be Released
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