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AK 47 rifle silhouette
Target for air rifle at 10 meter shooting range. Based on ISSF technical rules. The target: total Ø = 45.5 mm. 4 ring Ø = 30.5 mm. 9 ring Ø = 5.5 mm. 10 ring Ø = 0.5 mm, height 1.4 m above the floor.
AK 47 Rifle Vector Drawing
AK 47 Rifle
Skull, Gun, Sword and Blood
HK 91
ak47 01
Weapons inspection
Defender Challenge '03
Dynamics of terrorism
Airmen visit schools as part of Air Force Week Atlanta
Air Force featured at Final Four
Soviet SVT40 Rifle
Base photographers document history for future generations
Academy basic field training at Jacks Valley
Rembering those who have fallen
Fire when ready!
Honor Guard firing party
Battlefield detectives fight with fingerprints
Fully armed
Warrior Games
Ready, aim, fire
The line is ready, FIRE!
Gurkha Rifles
Training instructors build tactical course for Iraqi airmen
Bullet proof
Training instructors build tactical course for Iraqi airmen
A .303 British cartridge. .303 inch centrefire, rimmed ammunition. Rimmed, centerfire .303 in cartridge from WWII. Manufactured by Colonial Ammunition Company, New Zealand in 1945. Standard Mk VII .303 inch cartridge for Lee-Enfield rifle. Rimmed, centref
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