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September 2012, Excavation continues in Silver Lake, Pittsfield, MA
September 15, 2012 Howard University students found muffler during Anacostia River cleanup
(Earlier photo) November 1999, 'Half mile' view from Newell Street
(Earlier photo) June 2004, High pressure washing of NAPL-stained bedrock
June 2012, Sampling for macroinvertebrates
September 15, 2012 Father and son learn about marine debris at Anacostia River cleanup
(Historical photo) October 14, 1940 Housatonic East Branch 'Relocation'
September 15, 2012 Trash collected at Anacosta River cleanup
June 2012, Found some!
(Earlier photo) July 2000, Scenic Housatonic River
June 2012, 'AFTER' view of river cleanup from Lyman Street
(Earlier photo) July 2000, View of Woods Pond, October Mountain
(Earlier photo) August 2004, Early Housatonic cleanup '1.5 Mile Reach', Pittsfield, MA
(Earlier photo) August 2009, View of river's recovery 7 years after cleanup, Pittsfield, MA
August 2012, Installation of sheet pile wall Silver Lake, Pittsfield, MA
(Earlier photo) 2003 'AFTER' cleanup view from Lyman Street, Pittsfield, MA
August 2012, Venture a guess what this is?
September 15, 2012 Volunteers at Anacostia River cleanup in Washington, D.C.
(Earlier photo) June 2009, 10 Years Later, 'AFTER' view from Newell Street
4 Years Later, September 2003 'AFTER' View from Newell Street
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