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Most Popular Rodent Public Domain Files:

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Kitty cat
Squirrel in winter
This is a deer mouse, Peromyscus maniculatus, a Ha
Cute Smiling Cartoon Mouse
This historic 1956 image depicted Leo Kartman, ScD
Squirrel sitting on the branch
comic hamster face
Chinese zodiac rabbit
harvest mouse
This garbage storage area with its open garbage bi
mouse and candle
gerbil in a chair
This photograph depicts a white-footed mouse, Pero
Chinese zodiac rat
This photograph depicted a cotton rat, Sigmodon hi
Egyptian rodent
Squirrel eating
Bunny rabbit
guinea pig
Prairie dogs are stocky burrowing rodents that live in colonies called “towns.”  All species of prairie dogs are found in grassland or short shrubland habitats.
Supply unit uses 'military working cat' to control critters
Garter Snake
Beaver on Des Lacs Refuge
Red squirrel
This transmission electron micrograph (TEM) reveal
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