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Periodic Table Roman Clock
Laurel wreath
Roman Soldier
roman coliseum
U.S. Supreme Court Building
Column With Entablature - Tuscan Order
Marian Star
toga (clothing)
Delta II
Amateis bronze doors
Ελληνικά:  Έμβλημα της δυναστείας των Παλαιολόγων Latina:  Signum Palaiologii Emblem of the Palaiologos Dynasty (1400s) The double-headed eagle with the sympilema (dynastic cypher) of the Palaiologoi in the center
The Roman Empress Faustina Visiting St. Catherine of Alexandria in Prison, oil on canvas painting by Mattia Preti, c. 1640-43, Dayton Art Institute
Coliseum in Rome viewed from the air
Air Force medics provide care aboard Navy hospital ship
Mr. Bones
Justinian I (c. 483-565)
The Cabot Tower, Bristol, England.
 The 105 foot high (32 metre) Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill is in the city centre of Bristol, England. The tower was opened in 1898 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of explorer John Cabot’s voyage to America in 1497
Branding Iron -- Cross
Roman Relief 2
Journey's Pause in the Roman Campagna, oil on canvas painting by Jervis McEntee, 1868, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art
Skeletal remains discovered during dig at Mildenhall
Random Egyption Thing
Statue of Freedom Plaster Model
Gaius (c. 110-180)
Airman has 'Memorial' reunion during Braves game
Roman Relief 1
Ruins of the Roman aqueduct at Caesarea Maritima.
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