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Columbus Doors
Declaration of Independence
Civil Rights Bill Passes, 1866
A Sacramento spirited performance by the Corps-Aliers
Apotheosis of Washington: Marine
Declaration of Independence
Amateis bronze doors
Discovery of Gold in California
The U.S. Capitol Rotunda
Apotheosis of Washington: War
Colonization of New England
Apotheosis of Washington
Pizarro Going to Peru
Oglethorpe and the Indians
Cortez and Montezuma at Mexican Temple
John F. Kennedy Lying in State November 25, 1963
Apotheosis of Washington: Commerce
Landing of Columbus
Columns In Place 1857
Adelaide Johnson (1846-1955) - Women Artists
Death of Tecumseh
Conflict of Daniel Boone and the Indians, 1773
John F. Kennedy Lying in State November 25, 1963
John Cabot
Apotheosis of Washington: Science
Surrender of Cornwallis
The Birth of Aviation
Captain Smith and Pocahontas
Battle of Lexington
Apotheosis of Washington - Close up of George Washington
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