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Illustration of a book and pencil
ruler (simple, without figures)
Rabbits and a Family
30cm Metal Ruler
 Aggregate hailstone.   Large hailstone with smaller stones  visible. Ruler shows radius of this remarkable hail stone. Diameter is approximately 6 centimeters - the size of a baseball.
This is a view of the Sultan Hassan Mosque and mad
big waves ruler
waves ruler
Flag of the Palaiologos dynasty with the imperial coat of arms (1259-1453). The four Bs, or Fire Steles (Greek: Πυρεκβόλα - Pyrekvola), represent the initials of the family's motto King of Kings, Ruling Over Rulers (Greek: Βασιλεύς Βα
Flag depicting the Arms of the Palaiologos [Palaeologus] family in use before the ascent of Michael VIII Palaeologus to the imperial throne of the Byzantine Empire (1080-1259). Originally petty rulers from Macedonia, the Palaiologi came to prominence afte
Silicon Staircase
Molecular Rulers
Deputy Secretary Nides Meets With the Ruler of Dubai
Lot Description 'ALIVARDI KHAN AND A COURTIER MURSHIDABAD, CIRCA 1745 AD Gouache heightened with gold on paper, the ruler seated on a terrace holding a gold ring with a courtier, an attendant standing behind him, mounted on an album leaf Miniature 13¾ x
Dubai Air Show
Ultraviolet 'Ruler'
Consul General Waller, Deputy Secretary Nides, and the Ruler of Dubai Stand
 Although few blue crabs in 1999, some grew to large size.  A six-inch ruler was not long enough to measure these crabs caught in the Patuxent River.
Joint task force Airmen
New NIST Reference Materials for MEMS devices
Deputy Secretary Nides Walks With the Ruler of Dubai
Consul General Waller Presents a Book to the Ruler of Dubai
Deputy Secretary Nides and Consul General Waller Meet With the Ruler of Dubai
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