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Airmen sail into Coast Guard Academy
 A mast of the sailing ship ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT.
This image depicted the juxtaposition of 'old' and
 A palm-covered atoll with a native sailing craft in the Marshall Islands. In: 'Das Deutsche Kolonialreich,' by Hans Meyer, 1909.  Vol II, p. 340. Library Call Number: Cfd M612 d
robinson crusoe the wreck
Secretary Kerry Tours the Mekong River Delta
Sailing the skies
 'Figure-heads of Old Sailing Vessels in Krum Bay Shipyard, St. Thomas.'  In: 'The Virgin Islands Our New Possessions and the British Islands', by Theodoor De Booy and John T. Faris, 1918.  J. B. Lippincott and Company, Philadelphia.  P. 117.  Library
Lt. (Dr.) Stacy Dodt Examines a Young Indonesian Patient
 The French sailing vessel TARA which will intentionally be frozen in the ice for two years in order to conduct Arctic climate and oceanographic studies.  See:
Medical professionals from the Japanese Navy Ship RSS Endeavour Prepare for Visiting Indonesian Patients
 Catamaran sailing off Hawaiian island
Dr. Mike LeSueur Explains to an Indonesian Patient the Details of His X-Ray
 Sailing along the coast of Kauai.
sea chart symbol light
Sailing the skies
Lt. (Dr.) Anne Jarret Completes an Ear Examination of a Young Indonesian Patient
Airmen set sail aboard USNS Mercy for humanitarian mission
Veterinary Student Volunteer Machuk Gives a Penicillin Shot to a Pig
 Sailing oyster dredgers drying their sails alongside the dock.
 Catamaran sailing off Hawaiian island
Boating Rules Illustrations
Rescue at sea
Airmen sail into Coast Guard Academy
 Catamaran sailing off Hawaiian island
The U.S. Pacific Fleet Band Plays for Indonesian Spectators
tango image x generic
Wind sailing in the Alvord Desert north of Fields, Oregon.
Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Haschke Reviews a Patient's 'CAT' scan
PP 2010 Commander Capt. Franchetti Greets Mercy Corp Head of Maluku Field Offices Bell
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