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Boat 1
Cupcakes Are Easier to Serve
 A Maine schooner at sunrise.  Note rowboat illuminated by sunrise.
Two-masted schooner
 Coast and Geodetic Survey Schooner YUKON. In service 1873-1894. One of earliest vessels to work in Alaskan waters
 Coast Survey Schooner EXPERIMENT. In service 1835-1839. Sounding boat
Nevada test location closures
Nevada closure work
 A view of San Pedro to the right and the highlands of Palos Verdes on the left. The Coast Survey Schooner EWING and Steamer ACTIVE are to the left of Dead Man's  Island in this image, directly in front of what is now the major port area for Los Angeles.
 The old fishing schooner ERNESTINA at New Bedford Harbor.
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