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Underwater solar rays
Sharks visit EPA dive site in Alaska
Snorkeling goggles
Flippers beach and ocean
Airman missing 28 years comes home
Divers need to eat! EPA Region 10 Dive 40 year anniversary 1970-2010
Stingray swimming
American Lobster, Gloucester, Massachusetts
Not your average convention!
Woman snorkeling
January 15, 2013 - Carefully tending to surface supplied diver
Myoxocephalus Scorpius, more commonly known as the shorthorn sculpin! Folly Cove, Massachusetts
Snorkels Aren't Just For Scuba Diving
February 2, 2012 Wolf Eel (really a fish!) in Puget Sound
Winter rehabilitation clinic shows veterans potential
Up close with an underwater cap, Wykoff Superfund Site, Puget Sound, Washington.
Diving from the Ocean Survey Vessel Bold
Searching Underwater for Space Shuttle Columbia
Studying the bottom before the Elwha River dam removal
Diving in Polluted Water
February 2, 2012 Puget Sound, plumose anemone
Diver Decon, Portland Harbor Superfund Site, Oregon
May 2012, Diving blind with a 'blackout mask'
Logistic support
Sampling Underwater
EPA Divers map pools of creosote on the bottom of Eagle Harbor
Mighty Mussels Measure Pollution
May 2012, EPA Dive Training
Portland Harbor, Oregon sediment sampling
What's a piezometer?
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