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Common Tern
Becharof NWR Julia Pinnix USFWS
van Rossem's gull-billed tern
Great  Black-Backed Gull Eating a Tern Chick
Sandpiper chick
Get Your Goose On!
Black Guillemot
albatross chick
Newly hatched Laysan albatross chick on Midway Atoll NWR.02.02.2014
Water sampling
Plastic found inside one dead Fulmar
August 2010, Bringing the CTD back onboard
Bold water samples
Spotted sandpiper chick
Crook Point OR Coastal Refuge Complex Roy W. Lowe USFWS
Conducting research at a Kittlitz's murrelet nest
Get Your Goose On!
Volunteers conduct seabird surveys by skiff
Crook Point
2012 Kittlitz's murrelet research crew
sea lion nursery
Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge, ME
Roseate Terns Being Harrassed By Common Tern Neighbors
Pete Leary
Flying Terns
Elena Glazkova and Melissa, Karen  2008
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