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Most Popular Shorebirds Public Domain Files:

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Cinnamon Teal Hen and Drake
Yellow-bellied Marmots
Coyote in the Bushes
Wester Snowy Plover chicks with eggshells on sand
Eared Grebe
Juvenile Trumpeter Swan
Tundra Swans
Willet Standing on the Shore of the Marsh
Sue Abbott, Bird Studies Canada; and Predensa Moore, Bahamas National Trust
Horseshoe crab eggs in hand
Black-necked Stilt
Shorebirds at Prime Hook NWR
Northern Shoveler Hen
Snowy plover - Willapa NWR
Red Knot
long-billed curlew
Red Knot and Horseshoe Crab
Nantucket National Wildlife Refuge.
Shorebirds at Prime Hook NWR
 Shorebirds taking to the air.
Merced National Wildlife Refuge Deadmans Slough Creek Canal
Shorebird flock
Canada Geese With Their Brood
Eared Grebe Out for a Swim
Red Knot
Eastern Spadefoot Toad
Piping plover in front of conch shell
Horseshoe Crab
Black-necked stilt exhibiting a 'broken wing' display
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