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Assistant VA secretary, U.S. Olympians join veterans on ski slopes
Custom-built excavator used for levee work
Work continues on 3,300 feet of seepage cutoff wall
 Bayou Lafourche was the main channel of the Mississippi River a few thousand years ago.  As river bed fills, the river changes course seeking a steeper slope to the sea.  If allowed to follow its natural cycle, the Mississippi River would be in the proce
Sage Brush slope with forest in background
Clinic provides disabled vets pathway to paralympics
 Amalik Bay at low tide showing algae covered rocks  and low scrub brush covering  the lower slopes of the mountains in Katmai Park and Wilderness. Perhaps the lighter material is remnants of the volcanic ash from the great eruption of 1912.
Preparations for concrete placement at the Folsom auxiliary spillway
Woody's Knob Western Slope
Ski rescue
Assistant VA secretary, U.S. Olympians join veterans on ski slopes
Tackling the slopes
 Looking north along the Big Sur coastline early in the morning.  Northwestern slopes still are shaded.
Forested slope in Centennial Mountains
Valley between forested slopes with Aspen and Willows
Snowshoers in Des Lacs NWR
Forested mountain slopes
Trans-Alaska Pipeline, North Slope, Dalton Highway
 A ribbon of cloud bisecting the snow covered upper reaches of Tanaga Volcano from the moss covered lower slopes.
Sunset over grassy slopes with mountains in the background
Large rocks and cliffs are set on top of a large hill in the middle of rangeland.  There are also more rocks on the slope of the hill and at the base.
Grassy slope leading to forested mountains
Timber on a rocky slope
Grassy slope leading down to the East Fork Blacktail Creek
Jenny Creek LSR. A tree island in a dry meadow area on the north slope of Chinquapin Mountain.
Grassy slope leading to mountain
Debris removal from the North Slope
Grassy slope leading to forested mountain
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