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Most Popular Smilies Public Domain Files:

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Summer Smile Sun
Smiley Clown
Thumbs up smiley
smiley face
Smiley Clown 2
Smiley Face
Spy Smiley
Smiling crescent moon
Buddy laughing
Illustration of a graduate
Smiley Clown smoker
Sig 001
Sig 004
Smiley 5
Smiley 10
tango face wink
LEGO smiley -- wink
Happy smiling balloons
Cute Paris Eiffel Tower France
Smiley 11
tango face grin
Farmer Smiley
Happy Lemon
Smiley 1
Smiley 3
Smiley 4
Smiley 9
Blue Smiley
Smiley 6
Smiley 7
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