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This 1968 photograph, taken during the Nigerian-Bi
Under the rain
You're Eating What?!?
Blue sea shell
Streams Provide Crucial Habitat for Fish and Wildlife
Snail 3
Closeup shot of snail.
Snail e-mail
Crazy snail background
Worker dipping for Australorbis snails in stream
Need for speed
I will be the first
 Two types of marsh snails.  The one on the right is Littorina littorina.
Snail Room, CDC Animal Quarters
 Marsh snails, Littorina littorina.
 North Inlet - Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. Cordgrass plant nearly covered at high tide.  Note the periwinkle snail, Littorina irrorata, that has climbed high on the grass blade and avoided being covered by the tide.
Macro shot of a snail.
Medium shot of snail.
Uploaded by request of Jennifer Hicks

Taken in
Rogue River - Snail on Rogue River trail.
 One Tree Reef. Snail with extended feeding proscis and radula.
Macro shot of a snail.
snail shell
Snail 2
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