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Scenic view of snowy mountains above the trees
A moose on a snowy hillside in Wyoming.
Snowy view of the Red Canyon.
Looking toward the Big Snowy Mountains
Western snowy plover (Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus) nest in a bed of shells
Snowy Egret
Elk River Spit, Oregon
Snowy Egret
DryBridge Stocking
Snowy day at the Capitol from west front.
Ore Dunes NRA students Game
snowy egret
 Snowy trees at break of day in the Harpers Ferry area.
snowy egret
Snowy Egret with its reflection in the Gila River.
Snowy egret, April 2011
Moose walking along a snowy area.
Sage Grouse standing in a snowy field in the Deschutes River area.
Herd of elk on a snowy range.
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