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Snow covered steps - December 2009
Snowy Plover nest on the South Spoil, Coos Bay North Spit.  Coos County Oregon.  (Rights to use this digital image for any purpose have been purchased from Kathy Castelein photographer)
Feather in the snow
Snowy exercise
Male Western snowy plover (Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus)
Snowy egret
Snowy Plover Habitat at North Spit.
Oh snowy day
'Share the Shore' with our snowy plovers!
Sagebrush and trees in a meadow with snowy mountain in the background
A Snowy Plover with a newborn and an egg.
California least tern (CLT) gets its wing measurements
 White herons and snowy egrets grace a Cameron pier
Female Western snowy plover
Snowy night
Western snowy plover
Oh snowy day
 A snowy winter day in the marsh.
Snowy rescue
Snowy evening at the Capitol.
Snowy mountain above trees and meadow
Snowy night
A Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus vivosus) sitting on pebbles.
On Tap
Oh snowy day
A snowy ride
Fir trees looking down on a green valley and snowy mountains with interesting cloud formations above
Oh snowy day
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