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Uploaded by request of Filipa Freitas
Taken in
RI Ground Breaking 6/28/10
Photo Exhibit: “The United States and El Salvador, An Enduring Relationship'
An illustration from the novel 'Michael Strogoff: The Courier of the Czar' by Jules Verne drawn by Jules Férat. Polski:  Ilustracja powieści Juliusza Verne'a 'Michał Strogow, kurier carski' autorstwa Julesa Férata. Français :  'Michel Strogoff
An illustration from the novel 'The Child of the Cavern' (alternative English titles for this novel include: Black Diamonds, Black Indies, Child of the Cavern, or Strange Doings Underground and The Underground City) by Jules Verne drawn by Jules Férat.
Français:  Youna Dufournet prend sa première impulsion sur les mains au sol, en qualifications du saut de cheval, aux 17e Internationaux de France (2010).
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