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Clostridium novyi.  Leifson flagella stain (digita
Note the histopathologic changes in a case of botr
A transmission electron micrograph of smallpox vir
A photomicrograph of Corynebacterium diphtheriae b
This photomicrograph depicts Yersinia pestis bacte
This micrograph depicts Yersinia pestis bacteria u
This is a micrograph of the anterior end of a Wuch
Histopathology of coccidioidomycosis.  Spherule of
This photomicrograph reveals a cyst of a Giardia l
Francisella  tularensis as seen with Direct Fluore
This micrograph contains an ameboid trophozoite of
Using a histology technique known as a spore stain
Alcaligenes faecalis.  Gram stain.
Using methenamine silver stain, this photomicrogra
This micrograph shows the posterior end of a B. pa
This is a photomicrograph of a Giardia lamblia par
Escherichia coli in spinal fluid.  FA stain (digit
Note the histopathologic changes associated with p
Entamoeba histolytica trophozoite.  Wheatley's tri
Note the histopathologic changes in a case of botr
This photomicrograph depicts Francisella tularensi
Fluorescent antibody stain of Yersinia pestis.
Histopathology of paracoccidioidomycosis, liver.
Histopathology of botryomycosis, lung.  Giemsa sta
Leptospira bacteria, FA stain of liver impression
This micrograph demonstrates the histologic change
Bacillus cereus.  Leifson flagella stain.
Vibrio cholerae.  Leifson flagella stain (digitall
Using a Giemsa stain this photomicrograph reveals
Entamoeba histolytica trophozoite.  Wheatley's tri
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