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Belle Kinney Scholz (1890-1959) - Women Artists
Caesar the town cat
Placing Steel Rebar
Placing Steel Rebar
George Laird Shoup Statue
Tiger Statues at Detroit Tiger's Stadium
Hannibal Hamlin Statue
For U.S. troops, Tegucigalpa's good life has its dangers
Placing Steel Rebar
James Paul Clarke Statue
Wade Hampton Statue
Inspector looks at an imported statue
Marisol Escobar (1930- ) - Women Artists
John E. Kenna Statue
Historic Preservation in Action
Red Lead Painting of Dome 1960
Statues at Detroit Tigers Stadium (2)
John Stark Statue
Jeannette Rankin of Montana - First Woman Elected to Congress
MIB - Men in Bronze Read Eddies
Ephraim McDowell Statue
Dennis Chavez Statue
Secretary Kerry, Ambassador Mull Leave the Copernicus Statue In Warsaw
Sprucing up the Air Force Memorial
John Sevier Statue
Sequoya Statue
Ronald Wilson Reagan Statue
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