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Air Force gains larger presence in Romania
Stealthy stars and stripes
Striped Bar 03
Depicted in this September, 1975 image, wearing a
Iraqi airmen tack on master sergeant's stripes
Sew what?
CMSAF New stripes
Reaching out
Adult Male Pintail
Hearts & flowers background
End of the line
Glass art
Retired chief reflects on 60 years of service
 Goatfish are yellow fish while sergeant major fish are white with black stripes.
Skunk at the Bird Feeder
Wearing his striped cap, this image depicted Dr. S
B-26 with D-Day invasion stripes
Wood ceiling
Doolittle's Raid
 Old rockfish ( striped bass) caught by young fishermen.
Straight from the chief
Close up shot of white Trillium with purple stripes.
California Banner Clipart B (Solid)
Candy Cane
California Banner Clipart B
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