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Most Popular Swampfire Public Domain Files:

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Firefighter hazards.
Firefighter reflection
Bombardier laden with hose
Pumpkin filling
Firefighter to firefighter
Sawyer swampers
Sawyers in the smoke
Fire along swamp ditch
Smoky entrance
Firing in the swamp
Burn over burn
Portable pumpkins
Smokin' peat
Smoke on Lake Drummond horizon
Roots exposed
Smoke front on Dismal Swamp
Irene didn't put all the fire out
Skunk, bake, pop!
Water show
Peat heat
Structure protection Lake Drummond Reservation
Heavy equipment at Lateral West
Smoldering peat fire
Smoke plume Lateral West Fire
Colorful pumps
Supporting the ground from the air
Firefighters' canoe transport
Tractor pull
Prepare to flood
Flames at Lateral West Fire
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