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Halloween people
male sockeye Steep Ck
American servicemembers help restore shrine, provide medical care in Philippines
Northern Shovelers (Anas clypeata)
Air Force doctors take advantage of unique training
Air Force dentists bring relief to the Congo
Under a moderately low magnification of 304x, this
Lamprey mouth
At a moderate magnification of 381x, this 2006 sca
Canadian Forces Army Capt. (Dr.) Isabelle Plasse Extracts a Tooth as Lacey Andrews Shines a Light on the Patient’s Mouth
Under a high magnification of 2189x, this 2006 sca
Crown me
Angry Mask
Chip away
Dental care
Medics bring relief to Senegal
Airmen provide medical assistance in Colombia
Providing care
Grin and wear it
Dentist, technician contribute to Iraqi security
Flight builds training replicas, saves money
Servicemembers provide dental training for Afghans
Despite reduced numbers, final New Horizons MEDRETE a success
Reserve medics treat 8,000 patients in Dominican Republic
Frequency Comb, Ultrafast Laser
Crown me
Operation Arctic Care
Guard members bring medical relief to Guatemalan citizens
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