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Thistle flower
Butterfly on Scotch Thistle at Sutton Mountain burn unit near Mitchel, Oregon.  Wendy Joslin, Prineville  Wildlife1
Becker's White
Drink Up
Capitals in the Hall of Columns drawing by Thomas U. Walter
Scotch Thistle in the Baker Resource Area.
Yellowstar Thistle roots  noxious Weed
Tiger swallowtail
 Sailing in Penobscot Bay in Thistle class sailboat.
Eastern Tallgrass Prairie and Big Rivers LCC
swallowtail butterfly and bee on thistle
Tiger swallowtail
390 012 001
Rachel Carnes
Cirsium, Thistle  Pond along Mud Flat Road  Owyhee area  Wildflower
Canada Thistle treated with herbicide.
Scotch Thistle at the Garden Creek Preserve. (The Nature Conservancy)
Pulling yellowstar thistle in the Pueblo Wilderness Study Area in the Pueblo Mountains.  Rick Hall in the picture.
Unknown white thistle at Upper Trail.
Frosted Thistle along East Evans Creek.
Painted Lady Butterfly
Thistle with a bumblebee
Wavyleaf Thistle
Scotch Thistle.
Musk thistle is a biennial weed that reproduces only from seed.
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