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 Tidal flats exposed by an early morning low tide
 Open water between the high and low tide lines at Holland Cliffs Shores.
 Kukak Bay at low tide.  Appears to be at least 10 to 15 feet of tide with Kukak Bay at low tide.  Appears to be at least 10 to 15 feet of tide with
 Salt marsh at high tide, at the south end of Sapelo Island. Though Georgia's coast is only about 100 miles long, about 1/3 of all salt marsh on the East Coast of the U. S. is found here.
 A winter extreme low tide
 Low tide in one of many inlets in the area.
 Tidal wetlands at low tide along a branch of the Patuxent River
 Performing reconnaissance for tide gage installation on the Olympic Fish Company
 CCFHR researcher Carolyn Currin investigates China Poot at low tide.
 Mud flats and clammers at low tide
 Low tide on Passamaquoddy Bay.
Low tide in Quarry Cove Tidepools near Yaquina Head.
Water Pumps Arrive in Marjah
December 8, 2012 Even this beach required a closer look
 Flooding of low-lying areas at Holland Cliffs Shores by extreme high tides. Land is being lost at a rate of 1' per year in the Chesapeake Bay region due to combination of sea level rise and subsidence caused by lowering water tables. As population grows
May 2009, Sturdy sheet piles are installed to guide dredge equipment
 Aerial photograph. The mudflats of Turnagain Arm at low tide.  This arm of Cook Inlet dashed Captain Cook's quest for a Northwest passage.  It also is the location of one of the few tidal bores on the North American continent.
Little blue heron foraging at tide line
 Juneau at low tide looking from seaward over the mudflats.  The old Federal Building is in the left center of the photo.  F&WS 3342.
 Looking into a tide pool at West Quoddy Head.
 Pigeon Point Lighthouse as seen from the south at low tide on a misty day.
 Tide pool with mussels below Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.
 The ebb tide carrying clear and muddy waters into the Gulf of Mexico
 Rocky shore, tide pools and surf north of Pigeon Point.
 A beautiful Patuxent River shoreline at low tide.
 The tide house at Skamokawa - a ghost town on the Lower Columbia River
 Black volcanic sand bottom at low tide.  Note the ripple marks apparent in both the wet areas and in the bare sand.
 Aerial photograph. Erosion patterns in joint patterns of rocks on the shore of Montague Island with large tide pools showing at the lower limit of low tide.
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