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Get Your Goose On!
Turtle Penguin
 Juvenile human inspecting juvenile alligator snapping turtles.
Turtle Eggs avoid Gulf Oil Danger
Fuzzy wuzzy bunny
Big Bend Slider
Basking Northern Red-Belllied Cooters
#13 - U.S. Proposals to CoP16
 The Snapping turtle, Chelydra serpentina, is easily confused with the alligator snapping turtle.  Considered ill-tempered, they feed on invertebrates, fish, reptiles, carrion, etc. and a surprising amount of vegetation.  These turtles trapped in the fres
Bog Turtle
Bog Turtle
Spiny Softshell Turtle
Photo of the Week - Hatchling Painted Turtle (VT)
Diamondback Terrapin
 A year-old snapping turtle.
Kemp Ridley's sea turtle
Painted Turtle
Wood Turtle
Adult gopher tortoise
Turtle Eggs avoid Gulf Oil Danger
1st leatherback sea turtle nest ...
Bog turtle
Blanding's Turtle
Turtle Eggs avoid Gulf Oil Danger
Turtle Eggs avoid Gulf Oil Danger
Turtle Eggs avoid Gulf Oil Danger
Great Meadows Fishing Day 2010
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