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Signing of the Constitution
Declaration of Independence
Capitol Reflecting Pool
Construction of the U.S. Capitol Dome
The U.S. Capitol Rotunda
Presidential Inauguration
Colonization of New England
Car of History Clock
The U.S. Capitol Dome
Declaration of Independence
Louisiana Purchase, 1803
Apotheosis of Washington: Marine
Discovery of Gold in California
Landing of Columbus
The U.S. Capitol - Circa 1830
U.S. Capitol Dome
Apotheosis of Washington: War
U.S. Capitol at Night
Boston Tea Party
Apotheosis of Washington
Pizarro Going to Peru
Statue of Freedom with flag flying over US House of Representatives
Apotheosis of Democracy - House Pediment
1874 Plan for the U.S. Capitol Grounds by Frederick Law Olmsted
Apotheosis of Washington: Science
Oglethorpe and the Indians
Sod House
Cortez and Montezuma at Mexican Temple
Apotheosis of Washington: Commerce
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