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Signing of the Constitution
Declaration of Independence
Capitol Reflecting Pool
Construction of the U.S. Capitol Dome
Car of History Clock
Louisiana Purchase, 1803
Apotheosis of Washington: Marine
Declaration of Independence
Discovery of Gold in California
The U.S. Capitol Rotunda
Apotheosis of Washington: War
The U.S. Capitol Dome
Colonization of New England
Apotheosis of Washington
Pizarro Going to Peru
Oglethorpe and the Indians
Sod House
Apotheosis of Democracy - House Pediment
Cortez and Montezuma at Mexican Temple
Tulip Tree in Bloom
Capitol Steps
Apotheosis of Washington: Commerce
Landing of Columbus
U.S. Capitol Dome
Statue of Freedom with flag flying over US House of Representatives
Presidential Inauguration
Death of Tecumseh
Capitol Christmas Tree 2010
The U.S. Capitol - Circa 1830
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